“TEHNOROS” 必威体育专业导航Production BetwayspportyAssociation
is one of the leading Russian designers and manufacturers of complicated 必威betway网站首页materials handling equipment of various application.

The company was founded in 1991 and in its early years specialized in the supply of various 必威betway网站首页materials handling equipment to large domestic enterprises.

Since 2003, "TEHNOROS" expanded its specialization and began to design and manufacture 必威betway网站首页materials handling equipment itself.Read more about the company's “History”

“ Tehnoros”在以下区域提供了广泛的材料处理设备:必威betway网站首页

- lifting equipment;
- bulk 必威betway网站首页materials handling equipment;
- shipbuilding and ship repair equipment, equipment for drilling vessels and platforms.

Our specialization is custom-tailored design and implementation of unique 必威agengineering solutions based on detailed analysis of technical features of every project, operation conditions and individual needs of the Customer.

Over the years, the specialists of"TEHNOROS" 必威体育专业导航Production BetwayspportyAssociationhave successfully执行hundreds of unique and complicated projects for the backbone enterprises of the oil and gas, mining, metallurgical, chemical and nuclear industries, shipbuilding, military-industrial complex and large transport and logistics infrastructure facilities (see"Completed projects").

必威betwa必威体育betway提款y网站首页Materials handling equipment. Designing and manufacturing. TENHOROS

The equipment designed and manufactured by our company, in terms of its performance characteristics, is not inferior to the best world analogues.

Choosing"TEHNOROS" 必威体育专业导航Production BetwayspportyAssociation, You can be sure that the long-term experience and professionalism of our employees will be directed to the prompt and high-quality solution of Your task!

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