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Harris Co DA Debate Gets Heated in Midst of #ByeDevon Campaign

Kim Ogg and Devon Anderson spar each other at the September 26 DA Debate. (Photo Credit: Gary Fountain/Houston Chronicle)
Kim Ogg and Devon Anderson spar each other at the September 26 DA Debate.
(Photo Credit: Gary Fountain/Houston Chronicle)

Many people generally don’t care about elections concerning county district attorney’s. Some trust that the county attorney is doing their jobs accordingly but never really take the time to research just who they are electing into office. Well, it is time that everyone got to know who Devon Anderson is and why she is so dangerous for Harris County.

Devon Anderson was married to Mike Anderson who originally led as Harris County’s top attorney. Mike succumbed to cancer in August 2013. By September 26, 2013, then Governor Rick Perry appointed Devon Anderson as Harris County District Attorney. Devon said she wanted to fulfill promises made by her husband to restore confidence in the DA’s office. Devon went on to say “We fight for justice for crime victims. We follow the law. We base our decisions on the law and the evidence, not on politics, not on popularity.” That statement echos continuous manipulation, lies, and deceit told by Devon, as we would see years later after taking office. In 2014, Devon Anderson won her first election. By then, Devon began making herself comfortable, hell bent on ignoring needed justice for victims killed by racist police while criminalizing the black and brown communities in record numbers.

Monday, September 26, Devon Anderson, who is fighting to keep her position as District Attorney agreed to her one and only DA debate against Kim Ogg, who ran against Devon in 2014 and is running ection cycle. Devon controlled the entire platform of the debate with the exception of allowing Kim to utilize Facebook Live on her page so that the the debate could be seen live by Kim supporters. Black Lives Matter Houston chapters #BLMHOU and #BLMHTX were both in attendance. Both entities have joined forces to push the #ByeDevon campaign which focuses on removing Harris County’s top prosecutor from her position. In March 2016, Chicago activists moved forward with their #ByeAnita campaign to remove DA Anita Alvarez from office. Their efforts gained them a big win as Anita was ousted from the DA’s office, losing to Kim Foxx. Anita was most known as the DA who his the Laquan McDonald video from the public for 13 months defending Laquan’s murders, the police in this case. The video later proved that officers murdered him in plain view. It was at the time the video was released that the community had enough and chose to work to remove Anita from office. The same is happening now in Houston, Harris County. Houston activists have been working feverishly to have Devon removed from office in November. A lot of information provided at Monday’s DA debate was already known however there was crucial information which the public is simply unaware. It is important to push what was learned in order to make an educated voting decision. Devon also hired 5 personal security agents, assuming Black Lives Matter was planning on rioting at the debate. This was not the case of either chapter but that didn’t stop the usual ‘activist officer detail’ (HPD & CID) from attending the debate to watch over activists.

Devon Anderson, District Attorney, Harris County
Devon Anderson, District Attorney, Harris County


Devon recently came under fire for re-victimizing a victim of rape. The young woman was placed in Harris County jail because Devon wanted to ensure a ‘win at all cost’ against her rapist. Devon continued to defend her action by stating, ” the victim testified, and her bravery helped get a serial rapist off the street.” Meanwhile the victim had been beaten and ridiculed while in jail. After the beating, she was placed in solitary confinement, worsening the victim’s mental condition. Harris County medical staff did not properly care for the victim, not offering her mental healthcare treatment. Rather than Devon own up to her mistakes and the mistakes of ADA’s, Devon continued to point the finger at the victim claiming that she was homeless and concerned that they wouldn’t be able to locate her. As news spread of the incident, Devon became more defensive and erratic, attempting to deflect inquiries, constantly placing blame back on the rape victim. She also continued to brag about the rapist conviction in spite of all of this. But at what cost? A young woman was raped, thrown in jail so that a DA could score a win, beaten, bullied, held in solitary confinement and then blamed by the same DA for the actions led by Devon. This could happen to any of our loved ones. For a DA to utilize this horrible treatment towards rape victims, shows Devon to be at least, inhumane. At most, she should be jailed, stripped of her license  by the Texas Bar Association. During the debate, Devon had an opportunity to make the matter right. Instead, Devon became angry and defensive, once again deflecting by pointing out flaws of Kim Ogg. Devon never took full responsibility of her actions. That is extremely dangerous!


Houston leads the country as number one in human trafficking. To hear that was staggering.  To hear how Devon is treating this matter was astonishing. In 2015 only 7 cases of human trafficking were filed in Harris County. In 2016, only 4 cases were filed. However, Devon had no problem targeting prostitutes. She filed 4,000 prostitution cases. Only 100 cases were filed against pimps. Most cases were dealt with on FEDERAL level so Devon has had little to no impact in Harris County, helping Houston jump to the number one spot for human trafficking. Devon’s primary focus has been on prostitutes, not the men running these women on the streets. 4,000 prostitution cases vs 100 pimp cases shows obvious corruption.


Recently the US Supreme Court ruled that defendants should not be held in jail because they cannot afford to pay a bondsman to get out. Over 75% of people in Harris County jail are pretrial detainees. Individuals can be in jail for the smallest of things. Devon has continued to oppose PR (personal recognizance) bonds, falling back citing it’s policy to push back against PR bonds. However individuals who have murdered another can bond out for $30k and if they have the money to get out, they can. This is clearly a case of targeting the poor for simply being poor. It is the poor who will suffer most. In many cases, a trial isn’t set for 6 months to even a year. This means the person must sit in jail the entire time, separating them from work and loved ones while conditioning their mindset to prison status. Black males make up 43% of the prison population at Harris County Jail as charged by the DA’s office in 2015. Meanwhile only 13% of whites have been prosecuted in 2015 although whites are the majority in Harris County. By now we know that the system is about money. It is no joke that Devon continues to squeeze x, y, z taxpayer to house pretrial detainees. It costs $202 a day to house detainees. Annually taxpayers pay over $73k for one inmate. Harris County jail is over populated so much that officials had to move many inmates to neighboring Fort Bend County jail. People should be outraged that their money is being wasted as it is however Devon isn’t concerned about the taxpayer dollars as Devon has increased the DA budget by 20%, now to $79 million., making no apologies to the public, only excuses. The DA budget for 2015-2016 was originally set for $67 million.


Just to give a quick overview of criminal cases in Harris County and the continued lacking of cases filed by Devon. Burglary and robbery prosecution cases have decreased while both categories have increased in rate.

  • 2015 – Robberies 1.9% (1,964 cases filed)
  • 2016 – Robberies 1.79% (1,138 cases filed – that’s 826 less cases filed though crime is up)
  • 2015 – Burglaries 2.4% (2,404 cases filed)
  • 2016 – Burglaries 2.1% (1,352 cases filed – that’s 1,052 less cases filed though crime is up)

Maybe Devon is too busy prosecuting prostitutes and black people to pay attention to robbery and burglary cases in Harris County.


In Harris County there have been 300 no-bills (non indictments of Houston police) since 2005. Though Devon has only been in office since 2013, she supports law enforcement 100% with no questions asked or any doubt in her mind to any wrongdoing by police. She freed Jordan Bakers killer. Jordan was a 26 year old black man who was murdered by HPD Officer Castro in January 2014. Castro used the typical “I feared for my life” excuse as he claimed Jordan reached for his waistband. Castro was no billed right before Christmas in 2015. Ashtian Barnes was a 24 year old black male who was murdered by Pct 5 Officer Roberto Felix in April 2016. Video shared to the public only after the grand jury ruling showed Ashtian was also murdered when shooting the young man was unnecessary. Officer Felix was no-billed in August 2016. Alva Braziel was murdered by Houston Police in July 2016. A grand jury has not met to determine whether an officer will be indicted however history has proven that Harris County does not like holding police officers accountable. The Harris Co ME (Medical Examiner) office is refusing to release the autopsy report to Alva’s wife, further concerning local activists and the public that something more sinister took place the night Alva was murdered. If no-billing murderous police officers wasn’t enough, Devon took to media on August 2015 shortly after Officer Darren Goforth was murdered, blaming Black Lives Matter for his death. Her claim caused death threats and personal public information shared online towards activists. Demands for an apology were constructed but Devon refused, telling KHOU channel 11 news “I am not apologizing to Black Lives Matter!” During her Monday night debate, Devon continued the rhetoric, claiming that it (the blaming of BLM) would be presented at the trial against the Shannon Miles who murdered Goforth. Without any real proof or evidence that BLM had anything to do with the murder of Goforth, Devon continues her blasphemous gossip.  Instead of Devon holding police responsible for actually killing people, she would rather divert responsibility to Black Lives Matter. It is safe to say that Devon Anderson doesn’t care about black people.


Quick numbers just to give you an idea of how white our DA’s office is:

  • Harris County = 33% White – Represents 87% in DAO
  • Harris County – 19% Black – Represents 5% in DAO
  • Harris County = 41% Latino – Represents 3% in DAO
  • Harris County = 6% Asian – Represents 5% in DAO
  • Harris County = 1% Other – Represents 0% in DAO

I think the numbers speak for themselves. White Lives Matter to Devon Anderson.

(Photo Credit: #ByeDevon Campaign)
(Photo Credit: #ByeDevon Campaign)


  • Re-victimizing a rape victim.
  • Human trafficking #1 in Houston due to lack of prosecution by Devon.
  • Harris Co jail overcrowding.
  • Attempted to bypass the Texas Constitution through her Southlawn Gang Injunction lawsuit which she later dropped.
  • Under Devon, blacks make up majority in Harris Co jail. Jailed for remedial crimes.
  • Refuses bail reform.
  • DAO under Devon represents majority white employment. 87% White employees? (I’d love to see human resources files)
  • Refuses to hold Houston/Harris police accountable for violence.
  • Each year, robbery and burglary cases filed under Devon have dropped dramatically although crime rates continue to soar.

Hopefully this sheds some light (or darkness) on what we are currently dealing with in Harris County. NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF KIM OGG.

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