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The Alt-Right: America’s Nazi Movement


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

With the presidential election nearing, it is important that individuals become aware of specific terms, ideologies, background support, etc. If you’re anything like me, then you already know that no matter which presidential candidate wins, whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, we are pretty much screwed. While some can sleep at night voting the lesser of two evils, my take is that you’re still choosing an evil. I personally cannot do that. While Hillary is belting out the same old tired rhetoric we hear from old, bought out, corporatism leaders, Donald Trump is standing out in a way that has many thinking that America is about to become the new Germany.

Alt-Right Movement

Some hear the term, “alt-right” and don’t give it much thought, making an assumption that it’s some type of extreme right-wing garbage used by GOP heads and move about their day. However, the term has become so popular that it has trended on the internet a few times now. Many wouldn’t guess that the Alt-Right is actually a movement, a growing group of Americans with very specific ideas, beliefs, and actually has serious political power. The Alt-Right is defined as a group segmented of right-wing ideologies presented as an alternative to mainstream media conservatism – a movement of unified support for presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Alt-Right ideologies are aligned with white nationalism, white supremacyright-winged populismwhite nativism and neo-reactionary types.  One might include White Lives Matter heavily supported and backed by the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is mainly known to push their movement online using social media to push their well-known meme’s to express their beliefs. The group is largely seen as racist and hateful. That is only the beginning of what the Alt-Right truly is and what it could mean for America.

Jared Taylor is an American white nationalist who is the founder and editor of American Renaissance magazine which is noted as a white supremacist publication. Taylor is also one of the many self proclaimed leaders of the Alt-Right movement. Taylor is also the former director of the National Policy Institute, a Virginia based white nationalist think tank. Taylor is involved in numerous organizations associated with promoting racist ideologies. He has questioned the capacity of blacks to live in a successful civilized society claiming that blacks generally create chaos everywhere, using New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and the violence in Chicago as his backdrops to further his opinions. Taylor was noted as saying:

“When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, any kind of civilization disappears.” – Jared Taylor, Alt-Right 

Taylor goes on to say “Racially conscious whites tend to be suspicious of Jews because Jews have been prominent in the effort to demonize any sense of white identity.” He has also spoken out against women’s rights, other races and cultures, and the need for white men to not only lead America but lead in every aspect of life across the country. It’s worth stating that Taylor is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and believes that Trump can certainly lead America back to being a white nationalist country again.

Matt Forney who is another self proclaimed leader of the Alt-Right movement considers himself (according to his website) blogger, author, journalist and entrepreneur of all things extreme conservative. Forney recently cited that for decades. globalists have sought to destroy white nations by flooding them with foreigners. The Alt-Right fights for continued white nations and white people. He supports the idea that anyone who is not white needs to go back to their “own” countries (sound familiar?) and argues that the problem can only be addressed by mass deportations.

“If Latino’s become the majority, we will no longer be the United States. We will be just another Latin country. Whites should have a country of their own. Whites don’t have a country of their own while everyone else does.”   -Matt Forney, Alt-Right

The important concept to the Alt-Right movement is “White America First”. They believe that America was, is, and should be a nation for white people, by white people, led by white people only. By now I’m certain the name that keeps coming up in mind is Trump. Trump is heavily supported by the Alt-Right. Deeper research shows that the CEO of Trump’s campaign is Beitbart’s former head, Steve Bannon. In fact it was Bannon who popularized the Alt-Right through Breitbart media during his tenure and was brought on board by Trump to lead as CEO. Bannon has also re-popularized the word cuckold (defined as a husband who is married to a cheating spouse). The term emerged from white supremacist movements which is a term of abuse: white conservatives who are deemed “race traitors” unwillingly to defend the interests of white America. Bannon believes that it is a “glorious and effective insult” to white American leaders which he believes has sold out to white America and white people.


The 1488ers

Alt-Right extremists even call this branch of the Alt-Right “extreme”: the 1488ers. The 1488ers references the 14 words of neo-nazism (14 words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children) and the 88 is the doubling of the 8th letter of the alphabet, H, which represents “Heil Hitler“. The 1488ers consists of white purity enthusiasts who assemble on 4chan and Twitter. They were once a fringe portion of the Alt-Right but are now a dominant power to the movement. Beginning in 2015, mobs within 1488ers began purging moderates of Alt-Right who followed non white people on Twitter, who took vacations to non white countries like Asia, or flirted with women who were non white. Shortly after, becoming more extreme after becoming a more vocal force within the movement, they continued to examine blood purity of Alt-Right members by demanding genetic testing of those members, their girlfriends/wives and anyone closely associated with those members. Roosh Valizadeh who is a former leader of Alt-Right believes that the 1488ers are now the driving force behind the movement.


Alt-Right embraces opposition to feminism which they call this opposition “manosphere”. This is their own pushed propaganda that idealizes “white alpha male masculinity” and notably caters to white men’s rights. They are focused on concerns of the “heterosexual masculine white male” and is not to be challenged anything that isn’t described as listed. Their beliefs go on to keeping women as subservient to the white heterosexual males in America.

Basically this is about the white man’s fragility taking place and the possibility that white men won’t run this country alone sets fear among those who are involved in the Alt-Right, as if minorities are incapable of leading. Donald Trump exudes all the above behaviors. Learning that a leader of the Alt-Right is also heading Trump’s campaign makes much more sense seeing that the beliefs that surround Alt-Right is the exact bile we see coming from Trump’s mouth on a near every day basis. The Alt-Right has been deemed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center as will be White Lives Matter come February 2017. One cannot help but have flashing images of what took place in Germany in the late 1930’s through 1940’s as Hitler rose to power using a lot of the same rhetoric Trump uses today, only to see what happened to millions of Jews after his rise to power. They say history repeats itself and unfortunately because we are dealing with so many poorly educated, conditioned  Americans, we could very well have a Hitler 2.0 on our hands come Wednesday, November 9th.