About Shere

I was born in El Paso, Texas in 1976 & moved to Houston, Texas in 1986. Coming from Southern Baptist conservative family, I broke free of the binds and suffocation that was my family who attempted to mold me into their image of a productive member of society.

Many years later I would closely pay attention to our city, state and national government realizing the many hypocrisies, lobbying, hate, and out right bullying of our government whether it be city to homelessness or national govt to other countries with resources we wanted to steal. I began unlearning whitewashed history. I began to shut up, listen & discover the truth. Then Troy Davis was executed and I had enough.

Starting out, I began working with the Occupy movement. Houston had its own chapter, Occupy Houston.

My platform to begin my new life.

That was 2011. This is now.